Saturday, November 11


Kindergarten has been so much fun.  I was worried about picking a school in our new neighborhood because I haven't heard enough about our options but the minute we pulled up on the first day, saw his class, met his teacher, we knew it was meant to be.  He has made so many new friends and has looked forward to going every single day.

Kindergarten school picture

First day of school.  I could not get you to wear this shirt. So I said "If you wear this your first day of school you can choose what you wear every other day." He has sure held me to that and I've wished I never said it. BUTTTTT.....if you would have just come school shopping with me we could have found some things we both liked but I asked you out multiple times to go on a back to school date with me and you denied me at least 3 times.  I finally went to target and bought you this shirt and that shirt below and a pair of jeans by myself.  Then you said you wanted the whole family to go to the bounce house NOT just me and you. So heres your back to school date pic.  And you had to wear your new shirt with every button buttoned up. You've got opinions and your mind set.  I like it.  Just not when I can't get a date!

Annual back to school lunch at MC!

Ranch Eclipse

The total eclipse was incredible! We were skeptical of the crowds and the actual event but now after seeing it I would never miss another.  I would drive hrs to experience it again.  We all left eclipse junkies. Parker mapped out the solar system in the parking lot with all the kids and explained what was happening and all the things to look for.  The planets we would see. The grey storm that the west would look like.  A sun set and sun rise at the same moment. The ring of fire. It was just amazing.

As it got darker and the shadows were all changing the kids started acting scared.  Tagg asked to hold my hand and Lydia was so scared and needing to be held that I put her in the baby bjorn. It was so weird to be watching "night" coming on in the middle of the day. We all thought it was hilarious to see a 2 yr old in the baby bjorn.  And Benny was just wondering why everyone was staring at the sky and not at him on his blanket on the ground where we normally are captivated.

First ever ranch trip for this baby. I think he liked it.

The drive home: 2 moms, 6 kids, 1 van, 4 hrs.  And it was actually AWESOME! Everyone did great. 
Goodbye wide open spaces.

Tuesday, November 7

9 yr anni

HAPPY NINE YEARS!!!! I swear I am still 9 years old.  How have I been married that long?

celebrating at snowbird

Monday, November 6

Bear Lake

and this little blondie
and this crazy couple
and these fun cousins
Our attempt at getting a cousin photo. This seriously is the best one we got. So many littles!
Just the prep and drive alone was quite the trip. Grocery store with their shades and waiting on the roof of the car as I nurse benny. 

I loved this curly head same face pulling photo.
Brady and mitch locking up the cabin. Oh boy. Scrabble with Kathryn and Lydia is always a joy! Bloomington lake hike on Sunday.
Seeesters that match together......
The talent show was one of my favorite memories.