Wednesday, October 11


I want to remember today.

Today we took shy little Lydia to dance class.  She ran right in to class as happy as could be and Tagg and I were so surprised because she sat on my lap the entire class last time. She would occasionally come up to the glass window and wave hello and yell "Hi Taggie" "Hi Mom." Tagg was playing with Rhett and I heard Tagg say, "Lets go check on our sisters." They would run to the windows and watch their little sisters and wave.

Both babies were not happy to be packed in their carseats and cried for 10 minutes as we got our drive going then the crying stopped.  Tagg said "Mom do you know how I got both babies to stop crying? I gave Lydia a toy that Benny had so then Benny started crying so then I got another toy from the bag and gave it to Benny." It was cute to see a big brother moment.  Because I won't forget how fun Tagg thinks it is to imitate Benny when he screams and cries.  Then it sounds like the entire family is near disaster because of Taggs exaggerated yells.

I am potty training Lydia and have been overly praising every little success. I say oh my goodness, lydia you didn't even make a mess, you are such a big girl..... every single time she just says "Welcome." it's the cutest thing!
"Lydia good job."
I just can't forget that.

Lydia making Benny laugh hysterically in the stroller.
Tagg coming back from school saying my girlfriend said why is your hair so flat after getting a haircut.

Lydia almost throwing up after Benny got some spit up on her.
Our favorite yogurt pretzels spilling out of the car.
Lydia wanting to listen to frozen songs all day.
Benny is a quick army crawler now.
Benny loves to wave by opening and closing his hand.  The other kiddos shook their hand back and forth so this is his own little cute first trick.
Benny smiles every time you say, "I love benny in his ear." I think he knows his name.
Benny screaming in pain all day from his poor teeth. (I have to record these things so that when I'm yearning for my babies to be little again I will remember that it comes with a whole lot of pain and hard work)

Thursday, September 14

Today 9/14/17

"Lydi lets look for yellow and orange leafs." "No mom lets find ants and spiders."

Taggart and Lydia had a huge crash at the skate park today.  We said we better not take them to this too much so they aren't skipping school in middle school with the crowd that was there today. Lydia asked three times tonight if she could go to the scooter bike park.  It didn't take long for them to be hooked.

The kids come up with every excuse not to go to bed.  Tonight Lydia said, "I don't want to go to bed, I'm scared." "What are you scared of?" "Where's the fan?" We all started laughing hysterically because the fan has been gone for weeks because it was something that scared Tagg so much.  She learned that line from him and then realized the fan wasn't even there to scare her.

Benny kind of sat up today. Like for 2 seconds and then would fall backwards. But it was so cute to watch him be so proud of himself.  I think he understood he is very very close to a fun new stage.

The end. Hopefully something note worthy happens tomorrow. Peace.

Dads Work Lately

This is what our march looked like.  Brady got to film March madness every week of the tournament and got to go the the final four in Phoenix Arizona.

THIS SUMS UP SUMMER! Brady has filmed a baseball game every week of the entire summer. He has seen so many amazing fields and cities. 


Atlanta and Miami

Colorado Rockies and Phoenix

Our team in Cleveland

Wrigley Field!!
and so many more not pictured. So proud of this guy and all he's done.

Park City

     Our first gathering with the whole dunn family for 3 years.

Lydia's FACE!


We have a whole family photo that Brady took of the whole crew just not on this computer so it will be inserted here asap.

Such a lovely gathering.