Saturday, October 31

Fall Highlights

Jim Gaffigan show at Kingsbury Hall. The best comedian you will ever hear! You will never eat another hot pocket or take bacon for granted.
Brady and Mike went to New York!!

The Dunns on the Muss Buss to Oregon. I was going till I found out we would be in a bus for 11 hrs straight there and back. I get car sick, bus sick, boat sick, motion sick, sometimes utah sick.
The Fair. I took my Nephews and Natsy's cute friends because Brady was in New York. We saw a huge pig and it made me kind of sick smelling it and seeing 3,000 flies on it's back. "Isn't it amazing you feed a pig an apple and it makes bacon."(Tribute to Jim Gaffigan)

Some great target finds. I just love this picture of Richard. He wasn't in there long.

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