Saturday, October 31


This place is one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

We hiked from the North rim to the South totaling 23.9 miles. I kept looking up from where we were hiking and it was shear cliffs everywhere. I thought there was no way we could hike out of there.

This was real good. 3 miles into the hike I told Brady I needed to quickly stop and take a rock out of my shoe. Well it wasn't a rock it was 4 blisters. My fat big toe was rubbing the other toe for some reason. My toes stung the whole hike.

Here's the crew! We all survived. Laurie, Linda, Emi, Me, Brady. Linda's mom Ginny was the driver. To make this hike possible Ginny drove 5 hrs to the other rim to pick us up.

We finished 23.9 miles!!

After the hike we went to the Utah UNLV game in vegas. We could barely stand up and cheer our legs were so sore. This is Tanner on Brady's lap. He is THE cutest kid. Anytime music came on he would start dancing. The whole portal was watching him dance.


Melissa said...

Minds, this is amazing! I cant believe that you did that whole hike! I am so impressed. WAY TO GO!

Oldham Round-up said...

Impressive! Looks like you guys had fun...