Monday, February 15

Tub Troubles

Good ol' Dean fell asleep while waiting for his tub to fill up... Four hours later, we arrived home to a wet basement apartment!
I'm sure when the disaster relief crew came that night, they were so happy to see we were equipped with a mop and a bucket. What great flood tools! We thought taking 3 of these full buckets out of the basement really helped but when they saw the place they couldn't even tell we'd done a thing.
I thought the place just needed a good mop and some fans 24/7.  Little did we know they would soon be ripping out carpet and kitchen cabinets over Christmas break! It's been a wet one!
My house always looks ridiculous, yet I post the darn pictures.  This was our only sign of Christmas in the flooded place....besides the tree??

Ya, this was the tree...a Charlie Brown Christmas tree...maybe it was because of the flood, maybe the recession...maybe I didn't want another natural disaster in the house like the lights starting a fire.
We stayed at my parents christmas night.  We all got matching pjs

We pulled all the mattresses out into the family room 
 I was so happy Brooke trusted me to do her hair and make her hair flower which I was so excited to do! 

We said goodbye to Kevin for 2 yrs.  It was a wet day as well....flooding of tears.  My older brothers and husband served a mission under my watch but now that I'm older, or maybe more selfish, 2 years just seems like eternity.  I know it will go fast....

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Emi said...

Yes I am always just waiting for you to update your blog! This is darling, I love you both Xo.