Sunday, May 29

Shot By A Tennis Ball

On the afternoon of April 9, Mindy was enjoying a friendly game of tennis when a PENN #3 tennis ball made direct contact with her left eye. The suspect charged of hitting the ball is not being identified at this time. But nevertheless she was whisked to the emergency room at IMC. They brought her right in and started working on her.

She was diagnosed with an 80% hyphema, a corneal abrasion, an orbital fracture and bleeding behind her eye. While the name of the person who hit the ball cannot be released at this time, we can conclude it was either Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal.

Don't underestimate the powerful and destructive force of a tennis ball. Mindy had one surgery to remove blood from behind the eye, as well as another surgery to repair the fractured plate below her eye. We thought she was in the clear last week when she went in for a check up and was informed that she had a detached retina. That required immediate action of a freezing treatment and gas bubble in her eye. Don't take your vision for granted!


Kelsie Peterson said...

Yay!!!! I'm so glad you have your blog back! So many fun pictures that I can check up on now. Minds you're amazing! I can't believe the way you've handled all this crappy stuff. You are my hero! And you forgave Brady! ha ha. You guys are the best couple and Mitch and I look up to you guys so much. Thanks for being there for us. I can not wait to come home and hang out with you. Love you so much!

Melissa said...

MInds! Oh my lanta what a crazy story! I'm glad you are okay!!!