Thursday, July 26

Colter Bay, WY

There is nothing like hitting the road and finding wide open spaces
This was the first Jackson trip with kiddos.  They did great camping.  Way better than me!

There is nothing like skiing on a clean, glassy lake with no boats next to the Tetons and pine trees

Lots of fun bike rides while the wives went walking

Tagg was rocked to sleep each day thanks to Lamby and Grandpa Bears boat

This sweatshirt was worn by Jeff and Brady and now Tagg is the Monster for sale.  
He's hanging out in the classic Dunn hammock  

Mike and Linda beat everyone on the hike to the waterfall. They are so young and fit it's really hard to call them grandparents.  

Boat riding with Whit and cousin Madison. We really missed Emi and Chase this year. The fam didn't feel complete each time we gathered. Hopefully this is the only year that has to happen.

Brady had a great idea to tube during this wind storm.  He was dying to have Tagg come ride with us

We left Tagg in good hands...a lot. 

We left Tagg in no one's hands....

Gorgeous Colter Bay!


Emi said...

cutest pictures! so fun to see, but breaks my heart that we weren't there this year. LOVE that tagg is wearing the monster for sale sweatshirt!

Kelsie Peterson said...

What a fun trip! You are a trooper and such a gorgeous mama! Tagg looks like he loved being outside all day. Glad you didn't take him on the tube!