Monday, July 2


 Tagg's labor was long and exhausting.  Besides the pain, 3 failed epidurals, and Tagg's constant heart rate drops-the worst part was going 20 hrs without food or water. I was dying of thirst but throwing up everything that went down so the nurse let me suck on ice cubes.  They were heaven sent.

Brady was heaven sent.  I was in a whole different world and I just remember him answering all the doctors questions about forceps, vacuums, and c-sections. He held my hand and made me realize something was happening when I pushed.  I've never seen his so excited and anxious as we awaited Tagg's arrival.

For two days after the labor I still felt like I had that oxygen mask on my face. It was the weirdest feeling. It was on so tight for 20 hrs that once I took it off it felt like it was still on. That was one of the best moments as little Tagg came out they ripped off the oxygen mask and I could kiss that little guy's cone head. Then I stuffed myself with saltines and graham crackers.
1st picture is Tagg in the NICU. He stayed only 4 hours.  2nd picture is one of my favorites.  His mouth is so cute.  He has a milk mustache on top and bottom. He has loved to eat ever since.  3rd pic is the horrible billy bed that made me cry.  He had to be naked with goggles and not swaddled. He hated it but here he doesn't look like he minds.  The next is evidence that I did get sleep if I ever tell you I didn't.  The end


Mary Staples said...

...And my anxiety continues to grow. Just kidding. If you can do this, I can too right? I'm terrified. Very proud of you! Whatever happened to the stork idea?

Emi said...

you're such a trooper to make it through this! the reward was worth it!!