Monday, July 2

Taggart's First Roady

 It was fun to have everyone together.  Talmage, Johanna, and Luke came in from Tennessee.  Kels, Mitch, and Rhett made it from Houston.  It was a nice reunion and their first time meeting baby Tagg.
 Even with out late nights and never ending night time feedings, Brady made it out the door and on his bike around 6:00 am every morning to beat the heat.
And our favorite little fam + nats of course complete the family trip
This is the best puzzle. It is beautiful.  Wood pieces in all sorts of fun shapes.  This kept us busy when we saw the temperatures hit around 110. It's upside down and one day I will flip this photo

 I love this photo of cute Rhett hanging on my arm.  I hope he stays there and doesn't go back to Houston
We found time to take naps with the baby.  

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