Monday, August 27

Blessing Day

Taggart's blessing day will forever be a highlight in my memory.  Not just because he was a perfect angel and slept through the night for the first time in his life, or the fact that he slept like an angel through the whole blessing, but because we were so excited! We planned a very special outfit for him, a special blanket, and all of our favorite people came over to eat goodies in our home!

 I had been waiting to use this beautiful white blanket I bought in Bethlehem 5 years ago. When I bought it I thought it would be so special to wrap up my baby in something that came from such a sacred place.

I made his cute pin tuck, bubble outfit out of raw silk.  He was glowing! I also made the booties and every time I put them on they would stay on for 2 seconds and get kicked off by his busy legs.  Brady engineered the booties to be pinned to socks so we wouldn't have a trail of white things where ever we carried Tagg.

 I am never emotional and feel like crying makes me weak but I could not hold back the tears that came as Brady held our beautiful little boy in his arms and gave him a blessing. Taggart was surrounded by all the men we love and admire. It felt amazing to know he will have so many men to look up to as good examples. I could not believe we had every one of our siblings in the circle.  And that's hard to do with Talmage in Tennessee, Chase in California, and Mitch in Houston.  I was so happy we could get a Sunday with everyone in town.

I couldn't believe what an amazing blessing Brady gave. I am totally bias but the blessing was for sure the most eloquent, beautiful, and perfect I have ever heard. It opened my eyes to what this little baby will soon become! It also opened my eyes to what a spiritual giant I am married to.

The food was AMAZING...because of Linda and Andrea! Our moms are the best cooks! We would have had mush and cherrios if you left it up to me.  They made amazing quiche and Linda's famous wheat cinnamon rolls.  They look too perfect to be made from scratch but she does it...and grinds the wheat! Then we had yogurt parfaits with delicious berries and yogurt.

I wouldn't have these photos without my favorite photographer Emi! Thanks for documenting!


Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

oh Mins! I've got to get out and see you!! I miss you and am dying to see this little baby! I'm so glad the blessing day went so well. You look beautiful and I can't believe what a great mix Taggart is between you and Brady! That food looks almost too good to eat! Is that your house? I'm dying to see that too! I'll call you this next week. Love you mins!!

Emi said...

we are so happy we got to be there...and glad you used the pictures! best food, cutest house, most darling family! miss you all. xo

Kelsie Peterson said...

That was an amazing blessing day! And such beautiful blessing. You guys are one incredible family and I feel so lucky to be your sis and Tagg's aunt. Love you!!!

Kelsie Peterson said...

Did you just put up the slideshow? I love it!!! He is the cutest happiest baby ever!

Christina Marie said...

how amazing that you had such a special blanket to wrap your darling in! blessings to your adorable family:) ps, great job with his outfit