Saturday, August 11

Two Months!

Taggart is two months old.  I have been keeping a journal of his progress but I am discovering I have less and less time to hand write all the details.  Typing seems much more fun and quicker....and if our house burns down this journal won't go with it.

Two months is a stage I have loved.  This kid can't get enough of our faces.  I can frown and he giggles. I can whistle and he looks like it's the coolest thing he's ever heard.  His little reactions never get old.  It seems like I never get old to him.  He just wants more and more time.  That's maybe why he's waking up all the time durning our nights.

So far....
  • Tagg loves to eat but what baby doesn't.  
  • He use to have two 45 minute naps and wake up all night long.  I re-read baby wise after seeing my amazing old boss Kimberly. She is a true believer in baby wise and has the most amazing three girls and a very suceessful interior design firm. I don't know how she does it all so I asked and she said follow baby-wise. So this household is changing.  Our lights will be out ALL night long ok!  
  • We play a lot.  Everyone tells me newborns sleep all day but not our newborn.  Everyone comments on how alert, attentive, awake, and observent this guy is.  
  • He has out grown not just newborn clothing but 3 month clothing and some 6 months are getting close
  • I have been a very flexible mother, I think too flexible and causing some bad habits to co-sleeping.  This will not happen any more.  I had some great nights cuddling this little one but now we are working on loving the crib.  It will take a while I'm sure
  • He has found his hands and sucks away.  This is actually nice because he uses the binky less. 
  • He has the cutest smile in the world.  It's totally Brady's same smile.  Wide open mouth.  I can't wait to see some teeth in there
  • We don't go through as many diapers and spray and wash bottles.  We haven't had a blow out in a while so the blankets and sheets are staying clean as well
I am just amazed everyday how fulfilling I find motherhood.  I have never loved a job this much. You rarely see the benefits of a job well done- no pay check, no clean desk, no finished dress, and no completed day.  You don't clock out and I will never be finished with this job.  But the sense of doing something that has eternal value is incredible.  

I feel so lucky to be a mom and especially a mom to this adorable boy!


Mary Staples said...

I love honest (the rough of it) and happy (the joy of it) thoughts from moms. Truly, my friends are the best examples of motherhood ever! Love you Minds.

Emi said...

minds you are the cutest mom! i love that you have all of this documented. we are so glad we'll make it to his blessing tomorrow before we have to leave! love all 3 of you!

Kelsie Peterson said...

Such a cute post from the cutest mom ever! Love hearing what Tagg and you are up to. And I agree...being a mom is the absolute best!