Monday, October 15


I can't keep blogging about our baby without mentioning my husband. He is what makes this house go round.  He is the butter to my bread.  Just today a box of toilet paper from amazon showed up on our doorstep. Last week an Amazon box of toothpaste.  I make fun of him that he will go to all lengths to avoid any type of store. But really just these simple things help me so much. He is always checking and managing stock of such necessities so we never get in a bind.  Who wants to sit down and find no charmin? Or go to bed without the taste of mint? I don't.

He is so good with kids even a baby can fall asleep on his shoulder. He is so calm and collective that a touch of his hand calms a crying baby. He is so funny that even a woman with 2 hrs of sleep can fall to the ground from laughter.  He is so fun, we rarely sit still!

Anytime I make a meal, he acts like it's the best thing he's tasted and makes me feel excited to cook for him again.  He always listens and tells me stories when I need some adult conversation. 

I am so lucky to be Brady's wife.  


Emi said...

minds you are the everything about this post! chase and i were dying laughing about the amazon deliveries! that is too funny. he is just like papa mike. love you both! glad he is being a good dad & husband. xoxo

Kelsie Peterson said...

Brady is such a stud. Glad you found each other way back when and stuck together. Love you guys!