Monday, October 15

Four Months

Taggart is growing too fast.  If anyone knows how to slow him down or freeze time for just a little longer please let me know!

The thing I hate the most about him turning four months is his desire to get out of my arms and out of my cuddles. Sleep is the only time every limb is not moving.  Eating is no longer an hour cuddle fest. It is a quick 10 minute feed an on to bigger and toys and lights and music!

He is such a chatter box.  He sometimes does this girly high pitch squeal that even surprises him.

He has been rolling over since 3 months.  Now he puts his butt in the air and moves his legs.  It scares me that one day I will turn my head and he will be crawling.

Sunday he made it through his first Relief Society lesson without screaming.  He only made it 4 minutes through Sunday School but it was better than last time totaling 2 minutes.

I went to work for a few weeks at Maggie's 9:00-4:00 and he was a champ for my mom. I was so worried about leaving him.  It turned out to be so fun.  I loved having my mom in my home for weeks and loved that Tagg got to be with such an amazing lady!  She would show up in the morning at 8:30 am and be waiting for me at 4:00pm most times hanging out in the backyard with Tagg. I loved coming home to such a sight! Brady would say, "It feels like we hired a housekeeper.  I come home everyday to a home cooked meal, clean house, and my bed made."  Now I know what I need to work on as I stay home everyday!

Tagg is sleeping good these days.  On a bad night he wakes up at 2:00 and 4:00 and ready for the day at 6:00.  On his good days he wakes up at 3:00 and sleeps till 7:00.  He always goes down perfectly for us around 7:30.

I am so happy to be a mother and feel grateful everyday I get to spend my day with such a sweetheart.

Did I mention he loves the iphone?

Did I mention he hates the binky? Instead it is the thumb or toes.  I love catching him in a two hand foot grasp as he's sucking his big toe

Oh and I have to mention stripes new friend orange.  They are in love!


Emi said...

these are all the CUTEST pictures! love and miss him and you! thanks for the update since we are away and can't see all of his changes!!! xoxo

Kelsie Peterson said...

I am so glad you updated!! You are so funny I love to hear what you write. Tagg is getting so big and even cuter, how could that be possible?! Love you!