Saturday, October 20

No Fun

I have carpal tunnel.  I took 3 hours to type this with my left hand.

Pregnancy was rough on my body. After my delivery one thing I was excited about was getting the feeling back in my hands.  I thought it would be immediately after the birth of Tagg but the feeling just never returned.  I decided to give the surgery a go although I was terrified.  The only surgeries I've had were eye surgeries and those were terrible, terrifying, and extremely painful.  My mind goes back to those painful days when I hear the word surgery.  

Carpal tunnel surgery on the other pun intended...was a breeze.  It took about 30 minutes and  just a bit of anesthetic to knock me out and slice my hand open. The recovery is simple as well.  I didn't need pain medication and I saw progress everyday.  

The hardest part of the surgery was not being able to nurse this little one.  Because of the anesthetic my breast milk would have harmed little Tagg so I had to store up some milk and bottle feed him.  We still got time to one arm cuddle and he took a bottle like a champ!  So darling this little one!

My mother in law Linda is an angel in our lives.  I had surgery Wednesday and I think she provided our family every meal till Saturday.  She took Tagg all day Thursday while I limped around one handed  (not one footed in case you were wondering) and Brady hiked Timp with the scouts.  I would have been in tears all day if she wasn't in our home.  I could barely hold Tagg.  She was my arms all week. She never makes us feel like a burden. I know we are but she always does more than she should for us.  I am spoiled with the worlds best mother in law!


Emi said...

minds i love this! you are such a champ..that is no fun but i'm glad it's taken care of! tagg looks so darling taking that bottle! love it!

Kelsie Peterson said...

YOU ARE MY HERO! Only you could say that carpal tunnel is no big deal. That pic of you in your polo shirt cuddling Tagg should be in a magazine of perfect moms.

Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

you are one tough cookie! I had no idea you went through that during pregnancy and had to have surgery until i saw on instagram. I'm so sorry!! i'm glad to hear it went well and you are healing quickly. I love the snuggle picture with Tagg. He's such a cutie! i'm dying to see him! you do have an awesome mother in law and a great husband. take care and i need to come visit you!!!