Sunday, October 21

October Fun

Our garden is exploding. This is a tomato not a pumpkin

This is a pumpkin. I learned to knit hats this month from my neighbor Nicole

Brady on top of Timpanogos 

Brady lounging on top of Timpanogos

Doing some fun Maggie work.  Love that Juki machine

Around the neighborhood

We dress Tagg a bit warmer

A really fun concert at Red Butte.  Piano guys.  Thanks to Mikes Kued hook ups

Painting pumpkins with Carissa was quite a highlight

And these two got a fun play date!

Tagg's first time in a high chair.  He wasn't so sure about it till the toys came out


Emi said...

love these more frequent updates since i am missing you guys so much!! do you have that garden in your backyard? jealous! cutest pics.

Kelsie Peterson said...

You guys have to be one of the best looking families around. Do people just stop and stare at you three together? I do and I'm related to you. Love you! Give Tagg some spanks and kisses for me. OK it's getting late and I haven't had much sleep.