Tuesday, November 20

HALLOWEEN is way more fun with a baby.

I thought this costume would last 5 minutes on Tagg.  But to my pleasant surprise, he loved it.  I mean look at the grin.  I don't know too many babies that would smile that big in a yarn covered pillow. 

Mom dressed up as our favorite neighbor Jackie...yoohoo
Ann is always dressed as bony legs.
Tagg and Robs are two months apart and so chill in their costumes.
Rachel was a hunter and Kevin was her pheasant...it was very creative!
And the best of all...Brady, the wrinkly old pumpkin farmer.
I was luckily never captured in costume.

We made scones for the neighbors. I lost the footage I took of Brady serving all the trick or treaters but he sure looked good frying up scones. It was fun to start a halloween tradition together this year.

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Kelsie Peterson said...

ha ha ha I love the video! And Tagg is the cutest pumpkin ever. Brady is a creepy farmer...