Tuesday, November 20

November Fun

Tagg loves to be outside.  He instantly perks up when I open the door or strap him in the stroller.  Life is always good when we are outside. 

We had our first snow storm!  Our fall walks turned into winter walks.  Our orange and yellow backyard turned into a white winterland.
 I rescued our garden from freezing. 
 Instead of letting the tomatoes freeze, I froze salsa. 
 Instead of ending my favorite smell of basil in the backyard, I froze pesto sauce.  We will be eating well this winter. 

 And I voted! Of course for better health care...I mean look at that hand


emi said...

that first picture of tagg kills me! it needs to be my new computer background...haha can't wait to SEE him and you guys tomorrow!!! also, that salsa and pesto looks amazing. when we live back there let's make it together! love you guys! xoxoxoxo

Mary Staples said...

You crack me up. I love Tagg. AND I love when you post!!!

Kelsie Peterson said...

Those are such cute pictures of Tagg!!! He does love being outside. You are hilarious!