Sunday, November 25



We flew into Seattle on a perfectly warm, clear day.  It's rare to get a clear, sunny day in Seattle so we changed our itinerary and spent the day wandering around the city. Here we are in Seattle.
Gas works park
Queen Anne's District
Red Mill burgers
Top Pot Donuts
Trader Joes for Grocery's
(Thanks for the tips Katie!)

SECOND STOP: Anacortes

We drove 2 hrs to Anacortes to catch the ferry going to Oh Canada! We ferried through the San Juan Islands and stopped at Friday Harbor and then on to Sydney, Canada. The views were spectacular! Pine tree lined beaches and million dollar homes were in view for the two hour ferry ride. 
Here we are in Anacortes....really there is not much to do in Anacortes.  We got there at 11:00pm and woke up at 5:00 am and saw most the sites before boarding the ferry at 8:30am.

That is Anacortes folks.  We saw a sunrise and a very sweet forest!  Gorgeous campgrounds in Washington State Park. We also enjoyed a nice cup of hot coco from a quaint joint called McDonalds with beautiful golden arches.  So rare to find one of those. We then boarded the Elwha headed to Oh Canada.

 Captain Mohawk motored us safely through San Juan Islands.  He did have a few minutes to join his mother doing the community ferry puzzle. He didn't stay long....there was a ship to man.

 Third Stop: Sydney, Canada
We were worried about my passport because we never changed it to my married name.  They glanced at both our passports and Tagg's birth certificate at said, "Enjoy Canada." 

Our first stop in Canada was the Butchart gardens. Brady nicknamed them the Butt chart gardens and didn't want a ticket so I wondered the gardens as Brady took care of Tagg.  It was lovely.
It's too bad my eyes were closed the whole time.  I think I would have enjoyed the gardens more if I would have just opened them.  Maybe next time!
Fourth Stop: the beautiful city Victoria
Just a short drive from Sydney

We stopped by Parliment day and night
This is the floating home district. We had great fish and chips and loved seeing these otters or seals. I need a refresher course on sea animals. We also saw FanTan. The narrowest street in Canada. And we used their money.
A city is not cool until Brady does a 5k through it. After this sunrise run along the water, he was sold.  Victoria is sweet!
Fifth Stop: Ocean Shores
This was our favorite but most unplanned part of the trip. It was  a lot of driving but with a napping baby and such a scenic route it was by far the most gorgeous place we have ever been. 
Back on a boat to the USA
Cresent Lake-700 creepy feet deep!
We saw Forks on our map and didn't realize till we were in town that it was the town in the Twilight novels.  They didn't film the movie here but the books are written about this town.

Ruby beach is the most beautiful beach we have ever seen.  I wish we had better pictures but we drove up to it right as the sun was setting so once we hiked down to the beach it was too dark. The most amazing part about this pine tree lined beach is being in a thick, dark forest and suddenly the highway takes you right by a roaring beach. This sight literally took our breath away! We had dinner at Kalaloch lodge. We had great food and a beautiful view right on the water.

Ocean Shores.  We were up at 4:00am and out the door at 5:00am.  Let's just say Ocean Shores was our least favorite hotel. 

Sharky's was closed. I would be scared to see this shark when it's open!
Sixth Stop: Back to Seattle
It was fate. We got back to Seattle on a Saturday and saw utah fans in Pikes market. We found out through the grapevine that a Utah game was being played that night!!Not...this was the reason we made the trip...although Brady does not want to admit it. I love Utah football when it takes us to beautiful cities like Seattle.
Pikes Market. 
 Delicious salmon sandwich. 
Perfect Mac and Cheese. Amazing Russian Dessert.  
Gorgeous cabbage carried all the way home. Felted flowers.
And a nice Seattle sweatshirt for Tagg.
Crazy eyes at the gum wall. If you are not a germ-a-phob...this wall will make you one. 
We toured Washington States campus and someone fit right in.
 We went to the space needle on a dark rainy night.Luckily they put up a green screen and took free photos so it looked like we had a great view. We got the most charming corner window in the best pizza shop in town next to a nice warm fireplace. The only problem...we can't remember the name so we may never get to return.

The trees and leaves were amazingly large.  I have too many of these photos from the trip.

Last but not least-we found the Sleepless in Seattle house. The most amazing location! It's hard to believe but it's way more charming in real life than seeing it in the movie.


Mia said...

What a fun trip! You're making me want to go there!

emi said...

i love this post so much! such a fun trip, and all three of you are darling in every picture. you write the funniest captions and i was dying at "too bad my eyes were closed in the garden..." haha love you. miss you guys already, hope your next trip is to SF! xoxo

Kelsie Peterson said...

You are hilarious! I love your posts so much. You guys did lots of fun stuff and all of your pics look so artsy and cute. All your outfits are adorable too! Love you Minds! Oh and it looks like Brady needs to be a politician...he fit right in at that capital!