Saturday, December 8

1/2 Birthday! 0.5! 6 months!

 Taggart Jeffrey Dunn is 6 months!  
NEW SKILLS: dada.basically crawling.sitting.eating lots of bananas.avocados.sweet potatoes.pats everything.even your back when he's held.laughs at pictures of people he knows.sleeps 13 hrs.

To celebrate, we called Trader Joes headquarters and asked if they would open the doors around 8:00am on Tagg's 1/2 and they listened! We endured the lines and crowds and got our favorite treats.
He then met Santa for the first time and saw reindeer at the german market at This is The Place Park. 

 A little birthday skyping
 Nana gave Tagg a cowboy hat straight from Tennessee.

We then decked the halls! The way we got Tagg to crawl was putting christmas lights in front of him and he put his butt in the air and crawled as fast as he could to get the lights.  Ok, maybe not full blown crawling, but totally scooting on his hands and knees and bum in the air.
 Someone got double ear infections and someone else got pneumonia...leaving me very exhausted!

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emi said...

tagg in that little cowboy hat..kills me! i LOVE all your updates because i feel like we are close to you even though we can't be seeing you guys! so sad about brady..hope he feels better soon! xoxo love you guys and can't wait to see you soon!