Saturday, December 22

A Couple Nights Before Christmas

This is why our Christmas is so magical this year.  WE HAVE A BABY!
Christmas is magical when family comes to town. 

Natalie and Abby trusted me to do their hair for Christmas formal.
No wonder I have had a migraine for 3 days straight.  Look at that glowing eye.  I need to remember my dialation shades when I go light sighting. Or pull a reindeer hat over my eyes like Tagg. Brady posed us real well for this photo!

Tagg looks bored out of his mind on this Santa's lap. This Santa doesn't talk, doesn't smell like cheese, and definitely has a stone cold lap.
Tagg window shopping.  He is making his Christmas list a little too late!


emi said...

unreal how cute all of these pictures are! LOVE the reindeer hat on happy to be back now with you guys!

Kelsie Peterson said...

I haven't seen the reindeer hat on Tagg yet! It turned out so cute! Ha ha love the stone cold Santa lap!