Saturday, December 1


Thanksgiving bowties.  I made them out of harvest fabric. Complete with turkeys, pumpkins, and pilgrims. I can't really see the festive fabric in the photo because I can't take my eyes of those darling boys faces! Tagg's hair looked so cute during our Thanksgiving dinner.  Brady said, "How did you get Tagg's hair like that?" I said, "He woke up with it like that." Brady smirked and told me he he put hair gel in Tagg's wisps. 
We went to the U and played a game of bowling.   We then walked over to the Utah basketball game.
The candy windows are back! Nothing like my childhood candy windows, but still fun to see.  We got some amazing hot coco at Hatch Chocolates and tried their Pot de Creme. AMAZING!
Taggart's Thanksgiving Float
A little Millcreek exercise before the turkey feast

We went to Christmas Meadows and cut down and innocent pine. 


Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

you guys are the cutest little family, ever! way to go at updating the blog! i love it! keep it up! Looks like you had a fun adventure trip. your pictures are awesome and funny!! love you guys

emi said...

cute cute! we want in on the christmas tree adventure next year!