Monday, January 28

8 month old Taggart

This boy is on the move!

  • He started crawling at 6 months and now is going 20 mph faster leaving me running from room to room to keep up and keep things out of that mouth!
  • He got his first tooth Christmas night (7 months).  He was up the entire night screaming. We gave him multiple teethers, a wet rag to suck on, and held him all night.  We woke up to a little sight of white.  I guess all he wanted for Christmas was his two bottom teeth.
  • He makes the funniest sounds. 
  • He eats everything! He loves every fruit and veggie-even ground up spinach, etemame, hummus, beans, eggs, and tomatoes.  What a crazy baby.
  • We love watching him splash everywhere in the bathtub.  Such a funny swimmer.
  • He earned the nick name Tag-along this month.  He has been completely happy in a pack as we have down hill skied (I feel like a horrible mother doing this but I have a VERY good and confident husband on skies that was willing to take all the blame if something does happen) He slept in a pack from 10:00-1:30 as Brady shredded the gnar Nats would say. He also napped the whole time we crosscountry skied and snowshoed.  Thank heavens we have a cooperative Tag-along
  • He is climbing up on everything--crib, ottoman, couch, leg, side of the bath.
  • I have changed his diaper in every imaginable position.  Upside down, sitting, backwards, rolled to the side, leg in the air. Some how the diaper gets on but man it is one heck of a wrestling match.  I take a deep breath and feel quite accomplished once I get through a diaper change.
  • I think he knows his name.  I think he is learning not to suck on the iphone or touch the outlets. Everytime I say, "Taggart, No No". He looks me straight in the eye, smiles, and does it again.  Is he learning?
  • He is attached to one blanket.  Or maybe I am. But he sleeps with it every night.
  • He loves music and loves watching me dance like a nerd
  • He loves being outside
  • He loves peaking through the front door window
  • He loves when dad comes home
  • He loves his dad
  • He laughs so hard at his dad
  • We survived his first illness.  I called the doctor everyday saying, "Ok, today I think the fever is way too bad. I better bring him in and get your opinion, right?" Every time I would have to say the fever is 100 or below and they would say,"Call us when it's above 101." That never happened but man I hate seeing him sick.  He has been pretty healthy other than double ear infections and a few colds.  He has a bad cough now that I hope will disappear tonight.  
  • He has the cutest curls in the back of his hair! 
  • His hair turned from dark brown to chestnut color
  • He has green/blueish/brownish/greyish/hazelish eyes (I can't wait to see that on his license)
  • He makes his parents very very very very happy! 

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Kelsie Peterson said...

Tagg i miss you so much! You are a good boy! Rhett misses you tons too. I love the picture of tagg in your carrier. He is a heart throb!