Monday, January 28


 THE LONGEST CALIFORNIA FLIGHT: We left during the crazy snow storm the day after Christmas.  Our flight was delayed three hours causing us to miss our connection, which caused us to miss a night and half day in California.  Dad, with wide eyes, explained to the flight attendant how he booked the whole family on the same non-stop flight and somehow half of us got stuck on a flight stopping in Vegas. The airlines should really take this responsiblility as well as the hotel costs for us missing our first night in Cali.  I leaned in and said, "Dad they don't care."  Little did I know! A few minutes later the ticket attendant said they were going to hold the plane in Las Vegas for us.  We made it to Vegas and ran to our gate. No one was there.  We thought we were spending the night in the Vegas airport.  One lady popped out behind a desk and said, "Hurry up, they are waiting."  We walked onto a plane full of 200 angry passengers only to make them more angry as we piled in 4 babies that most likely would cry the entire hour...they didn't thank heavens.  Here we are in Disneyland the next day after a red eye night to Cali.
Tagg took a few snoozers 
I can't get over Kelsie's funny face in the photo above.  And mine below...making crazy faces is a hobby we have mastered.  And Brady loves a good churro.
Ahhhhh...there is nothing like a beach.  We had all sunny days but one hour of a down pour.  You can see the rain cloud above us coming to invade our beach day.
I am sad my only two brunette sisters got blurred from the sun in this photo.  I hope someone got a better copy. Sorry Rach and Jo!

Basketball and Tennis.  All day everyday.  Tagg even napped on a cozy little bed we made him under the tennis bench for a good two hours.  I don't know what baby does that! He was well protected from any stray tennis balls.  I don't trust a tennis ball worth a dime.
Such great food! 
Seaside donuts
Beachcomber beignets, frittata, and coconut mac pancakes
BJ's pizookies
Trader Joes everything
Balboa bars, bananas, and tacos
Mom's great cooking-steaks, salads, breakfasts!
In and out
Mama's Italian
Crab cooker
These boys are such great dads.  I love seeing them excited to take their boys on Peter Pan as the girls went on haunted mansion-which use to be one of my favorite rides and totally sucks during Christmas time because the ghosts aren't scary. They are holding candy canes and smiling.
Rhett and Tagg like each other, just not in a bike trailer.  And I LOVE a good bike!
Reading Taggart-my first Western.  I am still on page 3.
We found many star fish and sea animals in the tide pools.
We made it home despite the danger signs we ignored and the 7 kids we dragged around California.  I was amazed how well we did managing 7 different babies and their demanding schedules.  We rocked it. We got home to 10 degree weather.  It was a brutal shock! 

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Kelsie Peterson said...

Best trip ever! I love the pic of Richard playing on the carousel at 2 am at the airport. Everyone else was passed out.