Monday, February 11

Getting Crafty

I have been saving some money by changing the style of my old jeans and workout pants.  I love the way most of them fit except for the flared pant legs. So I lay out my favorite skinny jean or exercise tights and trace them onto the flared pant leg and sew right on the line.  Easy peasy.
This was an ugly Ikea floor lamp. It was a black iron rod for the base and a white plastic shade.  I wrapped the base with rope and covered the sade with a lobster shirting fabric.  
I love this knitted croc because it was my first experience knitting.  Every time I see it, it takes me back to our fun Hawaii trip where Whit taught me how to knit as I sat as a 7 month pregnant beached whale.  It was going to be a baby blanket. I found out I got too thick of yarn so I stopped and stuffed the small section of knitting with cotton and made him into a toy. You can see my talented sis and mother in law's blankets underneath the croc. I cherish hand-made things.  They are such treasures and a labor of love!
We had Taggart's bum items in glass jars for the first 6 months.  I hated taking the glass lids off every time I had to change a diaper. The sound of the glass lid hitting the jar made me crazy at 2:00am.  I found an antique hanging basket that is working for now. 

 And my favorite project-Taggart's baby pinwheel quilt.  I am already so in love with it and I'm not even finished.  It's been too fun!

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Mary Staples said...

Can I move into Tagg's room? Tomorrow? So adorbs.