Thursday, February 21

LOVE on FEB 14

Ladies, Happy Valentines Day! I'm single, looking good, 95% for head, 90% for height, and gaining weight.  Call me! I'll share my applesauce.
 We woke up Valentines morning in the loveliest home sheltering the loveliest family.  We made pink pancakes before 8:00am school drop off.
We then made the most delicious sugar cookies. 
Valentines cannot happen without making chocolate covered strawberries.  This year they were exceptionally good.  Our tips to self: don't put them in the fridge after they are dipped.  This makes the chocolate stay soft.
We thought it would be much more romantic staying home with our babe fast asleep in the back room, eating a candlelit dinner.  We made peppercorn trader joes sirloin steaks. Gruyere potatoes, Blue cheese, caesar salad like our favorite salad at The Steak Pit.  Beautifully bottled limeade.  Chocolate strawberries and sugar cookies. It was quite the meal.
Tagg got excited to open his valentines from Nana.  I got him keys to his new car and the car was a hot wheel.
I loved my rose this year.  So beautiful. It still looks this way a week after.  I like getting a single stem.  It looks so beautiful all by itself.
Heartbreaker in training shirt. He can get into everything.  It's breaking my heart how fast he is growing.

 My dear sweet grandma Evie passed away 10 years ago.  She has influenced my life in every way. I look up to her and hope to be half the woman she was.  Every holiday was so special because of her. Every birthday was special because of her.  I can't wait to be reunited with her.


Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

way to go on vday dinner! looks delicious and very picturesque! You are the perfect wife and mother. I'm learning lots from you. i also am loving all the posts! keep it up

Kelsie Peterson said...

Your Valentine's Dinner looks awesome! I love the heart shaped pancakes too. Lucky Tagg and lucky Brady to have you.