Monday, February 11

Snow much Snow!

and snow many snow pictures!

This picture is not upside down-we are doing a backflip...or I'm waiting for Brady to teach me how to flip it. 

Can you tell I've felt a bit cooped up this January?  With the air so bad and the temperature barely reaching freezing, for sanity sake, we have had to get out of the smog so I could leave the 4x4 that I call home. Brady got me skate skis and he got new downhill skis so we tested them out this January.  We made it through the armpit of the year.  Although this January has been pretty awesome.  I don't mind if we keep getting these big storms that clear out the air and brighten up the mountains.  The storms have been right during commuting hours so it finally got Brady to buy our first 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Yahoo for Tacoma trucks.  We love it and can now make it out of our driveway on a snow day.

Mountain Dell skate skiing with Brady and Taggart
Snydermill snowshoeing with Kelsie, Mother, Rhett, and Taggart
Alta Skiing with Linda, Mike, Whit, Jeff, Madison, Brady, Taggart, and Nats the Gnar Gnar and her backflip off the groomer


emi said...

so much cuteness in one post! loving ALL these pictures! that last one is the cutest of tagg looking so big sitting up in that cute outfit in the back of the truck..speaking of which, you guys got a TRUCK! exciting! did you sell the acura/ 4runner?? xoxo miss you!

Kelsie Peterson said...

love the snow pics! I didn't know you guys got a new car! Sweet. Wish I could come be cooped up with you and Tagg.