Friday, March 22

March on

Sick day cuddles                                            Sick day thumb sucking
Lammy's toy wagon ride                                 Going so fast I am blurred

Cross country skiing with the Mannions                       And their cute Fisher and two pups
Big yawn for laundry day                                             Riding up front
                                                                                     Thank heavens for that secure seatbelt
 Help...oh wait, I will shoot a 3!

Visiting the neighbors dog and Dad at work through the window. They both bite if we get close.

This is what happens when Tagg gets a hold of the comb

A nice note from Tagg?                            Finally getting the nursery right.  Painting it white
And we painted a magnetic chalkboard                       Nats learning to master the clutch

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emi said...

he is literally cuter by the day. i love brady's note from tagg! so darling, missing you guys so much and can't WAIT for laguna!!