Saturday, March 2

King T turns 9 months

What's on PBS tonight?

Taggart is officially 9 months.

It feels like I've had him for 2 months and pregnancy was 30 months.  I wish the 9 months pregnant went this fast and the 9 months with him out of my belly would just slow down for a minute!

He has found his voice and now screams. He is trying to communicate. I'm not sure I like this.  Communicate yes but screaming maybe a no.

He has dropped a lot of weight.  I am trying to make a reason for it. Maybe too much crawling, maybe not enough meat.  My pediatrician said it's just in the genes.  So there is nothing I can do so now I will stop worrying.

Your head is still huge. And your on the tall side.

He knows what the tiger says.  It's pretty cute to hear his kitty cat roar with a smile.  Very scary tiger.

He is always standing up in his crib when I come in to pick him up in the morning.

I can't eat a thing without him licking and smacking his lips even if it's not meal time.  He loves to try everything we are eating.

You love bubbles

Now he plays peek-boo to us.  He covers his head and looks back smiling like he's so darn clever.

He still pats everything

Everyone comments on your large expressive eyes

I love the way you look in forest green.  Your eyes are about the same color

It's hilarious, Tagg loves the booger sucker. He gets a big smile on his face and starts blowing out his nose in excitement.  We are very efficient in that department.  He is just like his dad.  He loves a clean nose.  I think Brady blows his nose 5 times a day.  And it's not a casual blow. It's a blow that shakes the house.

You have the coolest curly mullet.  I promise I will cut it soon.

He loves the bathroom organizer.

He hates any kind of fabric that is not soft. The body sponge, mesh bag, and itchy cotton has made his cute little nose crinkle.

He is disgusted when he grabs my wet hair. He pulls on it and makes this disgusted look and quickly let's go.

Now raise your hand if you need more sleep....oh it looks like we do.
We sleep alike.  Although he looks totally handsome and I look like a grizzly bear.


emi said...

haha minds i LOVE your updates..all of these little facts about tagg are so fun to read! miss him, but love the facetiming! see you on there tomorrow i hope! XOXO

Kelsie Peterson said...

You are the best writer! Seriously I always end up laughing. You are a beautiful sleeper! I died about Brady and Tagg with the clean nose similarities. love you Tag!