Friday, March 22

Too much fast food

Happy Birthday Truett! Thank you for starting the best fast food restaurant. I love you so much. And thank you for the 3 free sandwiches on your birthday. It started our trip out just right.  
 He remained happy the entire drive as long as he had his rubber dog and John Elway.

MGM Grand. My man and his umbrella stroller waiting for the Utes to arrive!

One of the most fun games I've seen in a while. It went into overtime and Tagg could not handle that.  He fell fast asleep in my arms. I was in heaven. My babe cuddled in tight and my husband jumping up and down in excitement as we watched in amazement.

We got to stay in Vegas with Kacie and Craig, who we love so much. They opened up their guest room last minute for us. It was so fun to spend time with them and go to breakfast and walk the strip together. We enjoyed Serendipity frozen hot cocoa. Too bad Tagg doesn't know how to use a straw. He would have loved it but I was more than happy to finish it off. We then headed to SG for the big mountain bike race called True Grit. 50 miles of mountain bike trails.

Brady broke his wrist after a bad crash at about mile 20. He rode the rest of the way one handed.  Tough guy for sure! Nicole and I decided last minute to leave our children for the day and do the race as well. We were first and second place. Teasing! We had nap time and swimming time and hike time with the kids while the husbands rode. The next day we rode Bearclaw Poppy, my new second favorite bike ride ever! So fun.

 Hiking the narrows/ dixie rock/ squish rock.

And more fast food.  Enough already.

Lets not talk about these mishaps from the trip.  Too sad.

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Kelsie Peterson said...

Poor Brady! Looks like a fun trip!