Tuesday, April 30

April 7th! The most wonderful day of the year

 I didn't even have to hang my own birthday banner.  Brady woke up early, took care of Tagg, hung the birthday banner, and made my very favorite waffles. We got to watch conference and relax at home all day together!  I thought Sunday birthdays were the worst but after this one, I want my birthday on a Sunday every year.  It was nice we had no where to go, no solid plans, just a new bike seat for the babe and some shades for the sun.

 My gifts were wrapped in garbage sacks and my birthday card was written on the back of an old envelope but I wouldn't have it any other way because it came from the man I adore!

 My birthday parade.  We are big fans of the weeride. Definitely my favorite birthday gift!

Every April 7th ends with my mothers amazing fruit tart that everyone hates except me.  I eat the whole thing as the others fan me and bring me the finest meats and cheeses.  This year I made a drastic announcement.  I laid to rest my request for the fruit pizza and made new friends with Ronnie and Rex by requesting rootbeer floats next year.  Maybe people will enjoy my birthday if I don't order a cake no one likes.

Feet are way ugly but since my birthday was on a Sunday, my mother, Nats, and I went and got pedicures on Saturday as my cute husband translated conference into Pohnepian. It was so relaxing and fun AND funny to sit and laugh with my Mom and Nats as we vowed we would never return to this salon because they rushed us out the door and painted our nails like a 5th grader. My mom called the spedicures. And I better mention before pedicures, Brady took me to Nuch's, our neighboring pizzaria because it can't be April 7th without a slice of Italian goodness.  What a wonderful day and a wonderful start to spring!


Kelsie Peterson said...

Oh my gosh! I love Tagg in that bike seat!! His little helmet is to die for! So glad you had a good birthday. I love Brady's card. :)

emi said...

i'm so glad you had the best birthday! i think you should stick with the fruit pizza, who cares that no one else eats it-- more for you! love you lots and glad we got to celebrate the next day in laguna!