Monday, April 29


I loved having an excuse to by cadbury eggs and make an easter bunny and fill a basket because this year I had a child to spoil! I love this photo on the swings.  You can see his top rabbit teeth poking through.   This boy loves to teeth on holidays. Every holiday we are awake all night because of the pain!  Christmas eve his bottom two broke through and Easter eve he had his two front teeth pop through.

Cute easter ties!
And fun photos with cousin Madison and their darling baskets from Lammy and Papa Bear.

 Taggart's basket was full of toys and bunny crackers.  I made him this featureless duck that I love but he hasn't touched.  He is obsessed with the basketball and bubbles.  I put a cute Zara swimsuit in his basket because as a child my mom always put a summer swimsuit in our easter baskets.

 It was my mom's birthday on easter so we got to host the dinner in the backyard.  It was fun to have everyone over and cook for my mother that cooks for us every other sunday. Rachel made her amazing chocolate cake for dessert, we watched some fun Youtube videos, we skyped family away, and then ended with a spiritual video off  It was a wonderful easter.

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Kelsie Peterson said...

Such a fun Easter! I love that little duck! you can send it to me if Tagg doesn't like it. Love you!