Tuesday, April 30

Laguna Beach

Taggart and Madison had the best time together with their Lammy and Papa Bear.  I couldn't believe how willing they were to take the kids and let us go on bike rides or relax and read a book on the beach.  Every morning at 6:00am Taggart would wake up and be ready to play as Brady and I tried to calm him down so we could sleep another hour.  Every time Linda would hear him squawking, she would take Tagg and let us sleep in as she entertained the little one. It was such a nice change of pace in my day! I was able to wake up slow and be relaxed instead of waking up and immediately start crawling after this very busy 11 month old.
These pictures may not look interesting but to Tagg this sums up his trip.  He made a trip up 54 stairs about 3 times a day.  No one was willing or patient enough to watch him do this activity he loved except for Papa Bear.  Mike would sit and wait and watch as he learned to climb the stairs.  By day two I felt I better relieve Mike of his stair duties and I began to watch Tagg take his first few stairs. He looked at me and stopped.  He wouldn't go any farther.  He got down from the stairs and crawled over to Mike like he wanted to tell him, "Im ready for you to watch me hike again." 
We stayed in the most beautiful home.  The view was incredible and the layout was so fun.  It was called the round house and it overlooked the most amazing part of Laguna beach. We had the best homemade meals in this house. We had artichokes, steaks, salmon, amazing birthday hamburgers and the best birthday fruit tart.  We went out to eat at Salt Creek with the girls, BJ's pizza, great gyros, and Cheesecake factory.  
It was so fun to have this trip planned the day after my birthday. I got to celebrate with Brady, then with my family, and then this relaxing week long celebration with the Dunn's.  It was magical.
 The sand helped his walking posture so much! He only walked on his tippy toes till he was able to sink his feet into the sand and begin using his heel. The water was freezing! It was amazing Tagg would let me put his feet in.  I think we both went numb after 2 minutes so we couldn't feel the real temperature.
We went on the most amazing rides! I loved being right by the water the whole time!

We had such a fun girls night and left the babies home with Brady and Mike.  The best food and even better company!! We were sad here saying goodbye to Emi.

 This just cracks me up! We were inside eating BJ's pizza and Tagg would smash his face against the window to peer in at us.  I love that boy
We will never get enough time at the beach.  The more time you spend there, the more time you crave!


emi said...

CUTEST PICTURES! haha the window smash is the best. loved this week and miss you guys so much! love the pic where i was crying saying bye! xo

Kelsie Peterson said...

That looks like an amazing house! So glad you got some good family time in. Love you guys!