Sunday, May 19

Brady is 2 7

Our birthday tradition is riding up Brighton Canyon and getting breakfast at Silver Fork.  This year Brady switched it up and did the ride up the canyon and finished down town at Market Street for some amazing breakfast.
We got creative for dinner and went to Market Street.  It was right by the Pioneer theater and it's just amazing so we thought why not give it a go two times in one day. We had salmon and their amazing amazing creme brûlée.    

Such a keeper.  We look so good here.  I love the way we did our hair.  I love when both my eyes are closed and Brady is holding a toothpick that everyone thinks looks like a cigarette. But yes this does document that we went to Les Miserables. Such an amazing play. We loved it!

We got out of the play and Brady thought we had to go pick up Tagg from my moms.  I had planned with my mom that Tagg would sleep over and surprised Brady with our first night away from the baby.  It was so perfect.  Tagg slept all night for my mom and we slept till 8:00am.  That hasn't happened for a year and half! 

Handsome birthday biker!

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Kelsie Peterson said...

#1 wife! I'm jealous of your Market Street meals. Remember when we went and ate there when Brady worked there? Fun memory.