Sunday, May 19


Eating faces.  His favorite blueberries and veggiestraws.

I froze a smoothie in a Popsicle mold with carrots and spinach and Tagg devoured the whole thing.  It was so cute to watch him hold the Popsicle stick and suck on something healthy. I always feel so guilty when it's pure sugar.  If I give him sugar, thats all he'll crave so I'm avoiding that at all costs.

But beer is fine!

Haha.  Plan on getting a bud light cup when you need a water at the bee's game.

Biking to Bobs!
And yes this is the pure sugar I am talking about.  Hate hate hate watching him eat it. But I also hate hate hate hearing him cry for it. 

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Kelsie Peterson said...

I love your bike pictures! You are the best mom- making smoothies, making sure he's not getting too much sugar. Wow! Tagg is one lucky man.