Sunday, May 19

Handmade Prom Dress

Draping on my two mannequins.  

Draping the skirt.  I loved working with this fabric.  It was amazing and it always helps to have 9 yds to work with. least favorite part of the whole dress making experience.  I think I've hemmed too many pants for too many people. 

Such a stunning little sister.  Anything looks good on her.  I first should have belted a garbage sack on her to see if a quick option like that would work.  I'm sure she would have made it look like a masterpiece. This was such a fun project mainly because Nats and I spent days together chatting as we sewed and hung with Mr. Tagg.

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emi said...

So stunning! I'm still so impressed about this! I need to have my prom again so I can have a handmade dress haha love you!