Sunday, May 19

Rolling with it

Our Charmin kid....
gets into everything

Even the 5 cupcakes our lovely tenant baked and delivered.  I should have known he was eating all 5 of them when I turned my back and he remained completely silent for about 1 minute. 

If the Jazz passed to this player, maybe they would be in the playoffs.

Mozart would be proud

He's just cute and needed to check it out for himself with the mirror

Zoo Days

Staying with one of our favorite families.

The most amazing knit hats from papa bear. Hence the cute knitted bears.


emi said...

HAHAHAHA the cupcakes! That is too funny! Love these updates!!

Kelsie Peterson said...

I can't believe he ate the cupcakes! They know how to make messes all day long! I love all of these pics, but especially the one with the mirror. He is so handsome! That will definitlely be a wedding video worthy one.