Thursday, May 30

12 months

It is so crazy to look down and see my little baby walking. I can't believe it! I never thought you would walk. I thought you would want to be swaddled, and carried, and nursed your entire life. Things are seriously changing for us and I can't believe you want to stop being carried everywhere!  You look and act so different now that you are completely mobile. Here are a few new things:

Your favorite seat in the house is under the computer desk. You go get a calculator, tape dispenser, or pencil, and sit cross legged under our desk. I will find you at least 4 times a day tucked away, busily working.

You say happy birthday so cute! Thank heavens I have videos of this so you will one day hear yourself.  You say ball, mom, dad, hello, hi, bye, and sometimes dog.

We gave you the nickname shrimp this month.  It won't stick because we don't want you to think its because of your size.  It's because you had a fever for 5 days and you would only eat smoothies, milk, and juice.  One glorious day your fever broke and the first thing you ate was shrimp.  Not just one but 5 huge shrimp. We were so relieved to see you eat and so astounded you would eat shrimp!

You have learned to sleep in! And sleeping in use to be 7am. You now wake up about 8am.  I can't tell you how heavenly that is. I actually get my teeth brushed, dressed in some running clothes, and some scripture reading done before I even change a diaper!

You love balls and now that you walk you have started to almost dribble the basketball we got you. You love chasing after it! I can't wait to get you a hoop!

You have the best smile and the best laugh out of anyone I know.  Thank heavens you do it a lot too because it just brightens my day.

You cruise around our house still making lots of messes. The vacuum is by far your favorite toy right now. You push it around the house, throw the attachments down the stairs and make sounds with the cord.

You love being right by my side and I love it too!

You have always loved dragging a bowl along the floor.  The sounds are super loud and it looks physically exhausting but this is totally your thing.

Your hair is an amazing Carmel color right now. It's long and curls up really cute!

You are really one amazing kid.  I am so lucky to watch and learn from you everyday.  You are full of personality and full of love and laughter.  Mothering you could not get more fulfilling! I love you so much!

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