Wednesday, June 19

First Birthday

Brady and I were planning a casual night in front of the TV on May 30th.  Our family cars gradually showed up in front of our house and we wondered why they were all coming over.  Then we found this invitation Taggart sent out to all our family members.

 A seat for every cousin. And it was such a surprise to have every cousin in town.  We were going to miss Luke and Rhett but because of Grandma's funeral they were in town. 

The best poppy seed cake with whipped cream frosting and homemade icecream.

I finished his quilt! I hope I can make it a tradition for all my children to receive a quilt on their first birthday. 
It's my party, I can cry if I want to...or wear no pants if I want to.
Happy dance! On you knees with your hands in the air. Such a funny habit of yours!
We hired an ump to manage the boys games and make sure Dad won every game he played.  Ha We love that Jerry came through the park and made a surprise visit.  He is one of our family favorites!

Family+Parties+Food+Balloons+Cake+Ice cream+Presents+Laughter+Home-Life couldn't be better!!


Jenn said...

how stinkin' cute! The entire thing. The invite and little notes around the yard just made me laugh! He is the cutest 1-year-old boy and you are the cutest mom!!!

Mary Staples said...

This is unbelievably adorable I'm dying.

emi said...

okay this is even cuter than i saw on facetime that night! LOVE IT. will you plan all parties for my future kids?? sad i missed it! LOVE YOU!

Kelsie Peterson said...

This was the best party ever! Good job planning Tagg! SO glad I was there!