Monday, July 22

Grandpa Stan

42 days after we said goodbye to Leola, the Smiths gathered together again for another funeral.  This time for Grandpa Stan.  We all felt a sweet, peaceful feeling, knowing our Grandparents were together again, probably in their prime.  

My mom joked that my grandpa had everything on his checklist done.  He had all his grandchildren arrive safely home from missions, he took care of his sweetheart up until her very last day on earth, and had had a full day of work. Brushed his teeth, said his prayers, climbed into bed in his home he's lived in for 67 years, and woke up in heaven. I don't think there is a more perfect way to go. 

The funeral service was well done.  I didn't know how they would sum up his full life in two hours.  Blaine spoke about the war, being shot down, and becoming a prisoner of war.  My mom talked about how he was a man for all seasons and the fun trips and memories made each season.  I loved that she said he didn't waste any food or time. He was always caught busily working.  Laurel spoke about his garden and world famous peaches. She said grandpa gave her the title "expert picker" and how only those with that title were allowed to pick the fruit.  Val spoke about his church service and the temples in South Africa and San Diego he helped with. Bruce spoke about Grandpas business he started and how well he did at building homes. Sandy spoke about his poetry and how on Sunday mornings they would wake up to him playing Mozart and Beethoven.

I want to be more like him. I want to be wise with my use of time. I want to be strong in the gospel.  I want to work hard. I want to grow a lot of delicious peaches.  I want a lovely family just like him.

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