Friday, August 2

Echo Tri

Feed the hungry finisher

Brady and I had a horrible night with Tagg crying the entire night. I thought it was teeth but two weeks later and no break through, I decided he was just mad we were changing our nursing traditions.

With two hours of sleep, Brady woke up at 4:00am and drove to Echo lake with a rubber wet suit, a bike, and some Asics. I canceled the early morning effort of packing Tagg up to cheer him on... until I heard Tagg screaming for me at 6:00. So we put on our shoes and drove up to the starting line instead of making a mess of the house in the early am.

Tagg's mouth was wide open in awe of all the bikes. He made the vrooooommm sound as the triathletes clipped into their pedals. He was so entertained watching everyone that he sat in his stroller for all 3 hrs and I got to read Steve Jobs in between snapping a few photos.

Brady did so great! Even without sleep and a wife haggling him to train less and cuddle more, he got 4th place. We were so proud. We are so proud. What an athlete. What a dad.

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emi said...

4th?? Who is he? I love the cute pictures of Tagg with Brady! You're the most supportive wifey! Xoxo