Friday, August 2

Flaming Gorge for the 4th

These two setting up camp. One doing a really good job and the other scattering dirt.

He looked so cute in his life vest! He was instantly lulled to sleep by the boat. When we stopped the boat to all relax, he would wake up and try to push every button and pull every lever on the boat.  I'm surprised we didn't sink.

Our wonderful tour guide.

 Morning nap in the tent

 The sunrise was unbelievable.  Incredible pinks across the sky and lake.

 No shoes, no shirt, no problem! Grab some worms and cast one in!

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Kelsie Peterson said...

Such a beautiful place Minds! I loved your posts about Grandma and Grandpa's funerals. And I'm sorry about the sad weaning process. That is no fun! I miss you so much! Love you