Wednesday, August 21

My accomplishments lately

I have to give myself a pat on the back once in awhile because I don't get that nice paycheck at the end of the week telling me what an amazing job I've done as a mom.

Lately, I am confident I could diaper a run away hyena, a climbing, biting monkey, or a screaming, flailing, cheetah.  Better yet, I am positive I could diaper a sleeping lion and keep him sleeping in the process.

I have accomplished a very long list of exciting reads lately.  My top favorites being, Where is Spot?, The Napping House, and Farm Animals.  I can't put them down and finish them in one sitting!

I now don't throw up when I hear little hands splashing in the toilet from the other room.

I have officially made it into the elite group of 8 hour sleepers.

I have developed a keen sense of smell.  When my smelly, dirty, diapered child approaches, someone else has to tell me he is stinky because I have become quite accustomed to the smell.

I have learned to like my singing voice....because it soothes my baby to sleep not because it sounds good.

I have taken more photos this last year than my entire life combined. And they are usually totally stupid photos like smeared spaghetti on Tagg's face or trying to capture him smiling but instead getting my blurred finger.

On the serious note, I have accomplished a totally new way to love and find joy.  I have never felt so fulfilled and so accomplished. Life is good as a mother.

 Such random photos! These are the goofy photos that take up all the memory on my phone.


emi said...

this is my favorite. you're the best mom ever!!!

Lauren and Eric said...

Mindy, I love reading your blog! You are such a great writer and you post the best pictures of your cute family. Tagg is absolutely adorable!