Sunday, August 18


Linda knows how to make the tent cabins home.  I can't get over the lights!
This guys smile gets a little bigger the closer we get to Colter Bay

The water felt amazing this year. Probably because it has been such a hot summer. Tagg even enjoyed the glacier cold lake.  It was funny trying to bath him when we got home.  Every bath, he would dip his toes in and demand to get out.  He wouldn't sit down like he use to and enjoy his toys.  Then I started to make his baths pretty cold and he jumped right in.  He got so use to the cold water and wanted his baths just like Jackson lake.

 Madison is the cutest cousin to Tagg.  She is always watching out for him. I love watching the way these two interact.

We got yelled at by our cabin neighbor that this is reckless parenthood.  She ended the conversation with, "It takes a village to raise a child." Thank you, thank you for helping us!!!

Tagg could not, would not, cannot, leave Mikes arms.  Mike even had to carry him down from Taggart Lake for an entire mile and a half just to keep him happy.

Once again, the sweetest cousins.  We couldn't get over them cuddling.  Tagg layed down on her lap and Madison put her hand on his back.  The love is mutual! Weird that I think this is the cutest photo ever and soon things will change and I will scream when I see him cuddling a lady friend in his teenage years.
He slept the entire drive home.  I love that arm behind his head.

The favorite activity was throwing rocks in the lake.  Brady made a video of the trip and the only thing Tagg clapped at was when Madison threw a huge rock into the lake.

We got to raft on Taggart Lake.  It was a highlight for sure!

New sweatshirt from his grandparents. And I love his moose shoes!!
And this is how the trip ended.  Leaving Brady at a random fork in the road to meet the scouts for a Wind River adventure.  Such a camper! I think he went a week and a half without a shower.  


emi said...

BEST trip and best pictures. good thing you are coming to visit soon, or i would be missing you guys too much after reliving this trip! XOXO

Kelsie Peterson said...

These pictures are amazing! Holy cow you are a babe. I love the picture of you holding Tagg and the one by yourself with your polka dot sweatshirt. You guys are the funnest parents and I love that the lady was so helpful. ha ha ha I was dying at that