Wednesday, September 18

A SUNDAY STORY by taggart

One Sunday I dressed up just like my Grandpa Crane and went to church in Pinedale, Wyoming

I normally go to three hours of church but today was different.  All 80 of my relatives skipped two hours of church and walked to Faylers to get icecream bars.  My mom said she was just following grandma Evy's tradition.

This was no ordinary Sunday.  

Did you know my dad is a pro rock thrower? 

He taught me to pick a rock wisely.........

Raise my arm high in the air...........

and scream and shout and celebrate when you see the huge splash.

I was so proud that I took my cowboy hat off and said, "Thank you, Thank you very much."

The fun didn't stop there.

I rode a pony

and I was like, "yeehaw"

Then I rode the horse made out of a tire.

I can't tell you how much better I feel with that hat off.  My mom doesn't know a thing about being a cowboy.

But then I saw a ball.  My grandpa called me a confused cowboy.  I couldn't decide between my city ball life or the country life.  

My grandpa read me a book while I tried to decide.....

but I couldn't decide so I slept on it. 

I woke up and made up my mind. 
I am a cowboy. 
 I jumped into the river so my mom would finally change me out of my city church clothes and I sat in the dirt like all cowboys should.


emi said...

hahah you kill me! thank you tagg for this story! miss you guys! xoxoxo

Kelsie Peterson said...

This is so creative! I love this post more than anything I've ever read! That is a keeper for sure. Tagg man is so lucky! The ranch looks dreamy.