Thursday, September 12

San Fran with Emi and Chase

if you drive 9 hrs to Lake Tahoe and 3hrs to Yosemite, why not drive 3 more hours to see loved ones?

even if the road is closed and makes you drive 5 hrs instead of 3?

we did!

and so so happy we did
 because we got a tour of the city from these two amazing gurus.

Emi made a cute welcome sign and had delicious san fran dark chocolate all ready for us.
we woke up to the best smell of french toast cooking in the oven 
and delicious green smoothies.

Then we headed off for a tour of google where Chase works.
The place had me sold the minute I saw the colorful bikes.
 I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw rooms full of free food, slides, games, nap pods, you name it, they have it.
definitely a trip highlight!

we crossed everything off our list in one afternoon with our smart travel guides. 
 Chase would zip us around the city and Emi toured us through the museum of fine arts, the fortune cookie factory,  and the cable car museum which was all free.  
we bought Tagg the cutest toy cable car that he hasn't stopped driving around the house.

we tried the best pizza which is making my mouth water thinking about it
some amazing chinese egg dessert and smoothie

somehow these boys finagled their way to free tickets and we arrived in club level seats enjoying the night at a giants game.

It was fun spending quality time with Emi and Chase and now being able to picture where they live, work, and play.  
What a fun couple to be with in an amazing city.

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emi said...

this was the BEST. thanks so much for coming!!!!