Tuesday, September 10

Tagg is Funny!

 One night Tagg crashed our date night {our date night being a buy one get one free barbacoa burrito and falling asleep to whatever high school football game was on TV that Friday}. We were driving to dinner as he read Word Girl upside down. He couldn't stop talking, then made the motorcycle sound for 10 minutes straight, and then started cracking up laughing.  We thought it was so funny that we had to record him. For sure the highlight of our romantic date!

Helps out a lot around the house.  Chores are his favorite

 Hates haircuts and sunglasses...and helmets with teeth

This boy loves a good dance party.  It's funny to watch him because really he is just mirroring me. I must be a horrible dancer. He head bangs with his arms in the air, stomping his feet going in a circle. He can't dance without snapping his fingers and clicking his tongue....which I totally do too.

He thinks sneezing is the worlds funniest joke. Anytime he wants someone to laugh or get their attention he throws out a fake sneeze and immediately laughs.

Tagg was with his Papa and he let him use the house phone.  He fiddled around with it putting it up to his ear and saying, "hello."  He went through the recent calls somehow and the next thing Papa finds is Tagg with a sales rep from Toys R Us on the line.  He is already ordering his own toys.

He loves when I swat at flies.

When I was weaning Tagg, it had been a week without nursing. One night he was having a huge melt down.  I was so out of options, energy, and ammo, so I nursed him for the first time in a week (wanting to be done nursing, but wanting to help him through this melt). He starting nursing and looked me in the eye and started clapping his hands.  Of course I began to cry because I was hormonal and wanting him to stay a little nursing guy. After a good cry, I laughed at what a funny little communicator he is.  He sure let me know what he prefers! I told my mom this story and she started to cry.  She actually said, "maybe keep nursing him if he loves it that much."  It was so cute to see her heart strings being pulled for her little grandson.

His bag of tricks lately:
High fives
Blows kisses
Finally says "yeah" after several months of saying "no, no, no, no, no"

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emi said...

love this update. the fake sneeze joke is the best!! i hope he keeps that trick up forever...haha and i had not heard the toys R us story! HILARIOUS!!!!!! love him and you! send him for a visit! :) xo