Wednesday, September 11


if you drive 9 hrs to Lake Tahoe, why not drive three more to Yosemite? 

even if you hear Yosemite is on fire and the valley is full of smoke?

and there are detours that won't take you were you need to go?

we did! 

amazing views of half dome from our north dome hike. the granite is breathtaking

The only smoke we saw was recorded in these photos on our drive from Tahoe.  Reno was pretty smokey

camping under the stars in the back of the truck. so romantic for our 5 year anni.

the stars were out of this world.....literally! 
and my husbands photography skills....out of this world

true that John Muir!

I was eating Annie's cheddar bunnies in honor of Tagg man on the hike.  I looked up from my snack and spotted the exact same shape on Half Dome.  See if you can spot the bunny too.  It's a small little white spot just right of the cheddar guy.  Too funny!

his only shower was a 20 degree lake. i dipped my toes.  they got clean

this gas station in Yosemite is unreal.  you feel like you are in a 5 star restaurant while you fill up your car, grab some gatorade, and go for a hike next door

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Kelsie Peterson said...

such a fun anniversary trip!!