Thursday, October 31

Family in Town!

I just beat up my cousins, now what?

I've really taught him a lot in his first year.  He doesn't even need to open the hymn book now. It's all in his head.

He went on a date with Emi and I found him like this.

He was cheesing it up with the funniest grins!

Rhett and Tagg got their first real haircuts.  Kels and I have both cut their hair at home and can't quite get the layers right.  They couldn't have been more opposite.  Tagg through a fit.  He would yank his head away and lay it down by the plane wings trying to get away from the scissors. He screamed and was bright red in the face the entire time!  Rhett slept through most his haircut and woke up when she sprayed the water bottle.  He watched TV and chilled.  Funny personalities developing.  Just don't blame me when Tagg has waist long hair.  I have tried!!

This plate was full of peaches and I came back in the kitchen and he had climbed up a chair and onto the table and cleared out half the peaches for dinner.

Natsy girls birthday breakfast!!! Love that sis of mine.  We got a 5 hour visit from Tal, Luke, and Johanna.  Always fun to have them in town!

We got a whole basket of grandpa Stan's pears.  These cannot be beat. We canned as many as we couldn't eat fresh.  I love cracking open a bottle of these on a snowy day.

Meier's Chicken!
Wagon Rides!

Hanging out as I enjoy a home-cooked meal made by Linda

Hanging with aunts as I alter Natsy girls homecoming dress.

Hanging out with the worlds sweetest couple!

Pink buggy rides for all!

Are we the only ones that dress up for the zoo? 
What does the fox say?

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emi said...

the peach thief! haha everything in this post is darling!
especially how i left him looking alone on the doorstep! haha MISS HIM