Thursday, October 31

st george MARATHON

GARBAGE.....26.2 is a long way to run!!!

The scenery is breath taking...or else I'm out of breath because I'm running.


This little guy was not impressed with us.  He was mad he got left behind.  No stroller running this time! Hallelujah! But we did leave him with Papa which made everything right in his world.

I love our matching tops! It was so comfortable! Thanks for getting those Emi! 

I am not dead.
 But after this massage, I felt like I could do another marathon. And then I stood up and realized I could barely stand.  I decided to grab another icecream instead.

Brady ran a 3:20 marathon!  I finished at 3:58 which I was very excited about. I was a minute faster than my time in 2008. It's really good knowing I've come so far. 

The after party was amazing.  The worlds cutest dancers and LDS General Conference for hours.

 A family that runs together, stays together!

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