Thursday, October 31

The Stud I Live With

This stud got first place in the Snowbird Hill Climb. He is such and athlete! He won some ski tickets and a night stay at the Cliff Lodge-some high class perks for enjoying and being like totally pro at your hobby.  Way to go Braders!

Then he gets hired to film a hunt in Morgan, Utah.  This guy is not a hunter and does not own camo.  He woke up at 5:30 for breakfast and everyone but him wore camo. They said, "Are you going golfing?" He didn't know camo was the breakfast uniform or something worn 24/7. He came home with a very different vocabulary.  A shed is not a small building that holds tools, it is an animal rack.  Glassing is not a term used for computer screen time.  It is a binocular term.  He wasn't sure if they shot a bull or a buck.  I'm not sure either, I'm just trying to get over the tears that that huge animal there is dead.  

And then he comes home and reads Curious George to his biggest fan!

1 comment:

emi said...

nice prize brades!!!
but-------so sad about the animal :(
at least he was filming!
love the last pic.