Sunday, November 3

Apple Pickin'

 In the 3 hrs we picked apples, I never once saw Tagg without an apple in his mouth.  His diapers actually smelled appley-pleasant for the following week.

 We picked these apples from 3 trees in my grandpas orchard.  I got teary loading the buckets into his garage and seeing my grandma and grandpas walkers next to them.  It was amazing how much my grandpa got done, even with sore arms and shoulders and using a walker.

We dehydrated a bucket of apples and they are so tasty! We have bags and bags of delicious snacks.  We put cinnamon on top and sliced them as thin as we could.

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emi said...

that one of him mid-chew!! hahah i love picking is the best! wish i had been in on that dehydrating- yum! XOXO miss you!